​Will YOU be one of 500 people to build your income to $1k-$5k/mo in the next 90-120 days?

​Watch this short (10 min) video of my message to you... completely unscripted.
(Sorry for the um's in advance!)

Ok so whether you watched the video or not, here's the lowdown on what we're doing.

The short of it is, I'm really sick and tired of the garbage going through these days.

There's too much fluff.

There's too many upsells. (I've seen as many as 14....some of my associates have seen as many as 34!!! YIKES!)

There's too many things pulling you in too many directions.

Every day your inbox is likely hit with offer after offer after offer.

​Look, I get it. There's always new things to help people both earn online and promote a business.

Unfortunately, even some of THE BEST courses out there, completely ignore some of the most important FUNCTIONING PARTS of building a business online! They focus only on the parts of figuring out your offer and/or marketing it - but leave out FAR too much in between.

I see it repeatedly. I KNOW too many are excited to take action, only to feel completely STUMPED and STOPPED at the most critical points.

And that gets discouraging, and then you probably jump off to something else that might be the best thing (or so you think)... and then it's another endless cycle.

So many are stumped on where to even start, others get stumped half way through. Yet others can't figure out how to scale and grow into a solid steady income beyond that - and that further picture scars the tar out of them from even starting.

On the other side, you may already be earning. You may have already figured a lot of stuff out. 

Or you may be struggling to hit a level you desire to reach.

​It doesn't matter what level you're at, if you're still reading this, it's because you either want to START earning online (and spend less), OR you want to take it to a new level of income.

​So let's cut to the nitty gritty and get rid of the fluff.

(I know this is where I'm supposed to be all salesy and give you all the hype you need. I'm just in THAT MOOD today to go completely against the grain, and just tell you like it is.)

​I'm laying it on the table.

Over the next 3-4 months (and on) - I want to help 500 people build (or increase) their income to $1k to as much as $5k PER MONTH.

​I don't need to ask you what adding $1k - $5k/mo will do to your budget. You already know how it could help, or take you to a new level.

What if you want more? Sure. Go for it.

Here's what we're doing:

I'm launching eBusiness Empires as a complete community, with full video AND text trainings (to help those who learn in different ways) to figure out every aspect that is holding you back.

​You'll learn ALL the things no one really covers that I KNOW for a fact is stopping SO many people these days. (From payment processing to what methods to use to build a website or offer, to exactly WHAT tools and scripts do you ACTUALLY need - AND DON'T NEED) - and so much more.

We're covering everything from day 1 to complete ongoing income streams.

​But it's not just me showing you - we'll be adding in experts to assist and have regular webinars where we'll drill them and have them help you as well with whatever is holding you back.

I do NOT care WHAT you want to do online, whether it's affiliate income to local business consulting to coaching to running a blog to a membership site to selling domains - WHATEVER.

We'll tackle ALL of it. In a step by step approach.

​Got stuff running already? Then we'll help you tweak and expand on it.

​Now - this community will be launching to the public shortly​ (as in, by Friday August 10th), and weekly trainings will begin after that.

THIS IS FIRM, I've already been building it out, and everyone will be added to the community side of things BEFORE Friday so you can start discussions and get familiar with it. (You'll get access to the basic members area and facebook group today to be in 'holding' and start connecting with others).

​Trainings will obviously be added every week on an ongoing basis - so no, it won't be "everything there in one shot".

That's mostly because it would overwhelm everyone. PLUS most will want a variety of topics.

So no matter WHAT your level of knowledge or income, you'll find a TON of useful information as we grow.

And if you are experienced, you can absolutely share your knowledge and help others as well. (More on that later).

​Why did I call this a "leader's launch"?

It's kind of a combination really.

AFTER we launch, here's how it will work:

Members will be able to come in and join for free (trial) to check it out and get the first couple of trainings/reports free.

​After a certain point, they will be prompted to become an upgraded member. This membership gives them access ongoing to the community as well as ​the rest of the trainings and reports for that level, for a small fee of just $5-7 per month.

​They can remain a member for as long as they want to use the system, take part in discussions, and so on.

When they reach the next stage of trainings, they'll be able to "level up" (or unlock) the next sections of trainings. Each "level" will have a small one time fee to unlock ($10-​15). If they don't want to - that's totally fine. There's no rush for anyone to complete, but they can also move faster if they wish.

Here's the thing: It doesn't have to come out of their pocket! If they refer others, they'll be able to earn in advance to cover THEIR next level costs, so they can continue to learn and earn.

Why am I doing it this way?

​1. It's incentive for people to continue actually learning how to PROPERLY build an ongoing business online

2. It's incentive to help OTHERS to ALSO properly build an ongoing business online

3. It's HELP to build an income right from the start.

​I can't even begin to talk about all the trainings, AND SOFTWARE tools and more that will be included in the system. (Oh, and yes there will be some ​options for someone who wants to get all the levels at a better price, but that will be done at the start on first level up).

Warning: This is a closed affiliate program. Meaning, anyone who is NOT an active member, will only earn a small 5-10% referral commission.

However, for everyone involved and active, you can earn 75% on all referrals who level up!

There will be a LOT more earnings potential, but I don't want to discuss that now. This isn't a get rich quick scheme in any way, it's simply incentives and opportunities to help you earn while you build your ongoing business, and coming in as an early bird/leader will give you added income boosts that I'll explain later.

So what are the options for you to join now?

​I'm keeping it very affordable, and very simple:

Rather than pay $5-7 per month PLUS $10-20 PER level up.... (Remember, "Level ups" are the training levels).

If you join RIGHT NOW, you can pay a ONE TIME FEE and never pay monthly or for level ups.

OPTION 1: Get the first ​7 "level ups" for a ONE TIME $29. (which would normally be $70-105 real cost) ​No monthly fees. Further "Level ups" will be $15-20.

OPTION 2: Get ​all "level ups" for a ONE TIME $​49. (which would normally be $​1​90-​300 real cost) ​No monthly fees. ​

​No, I'm not opening this one time offer to 500 people.... so don't think there's that many spots at this special pricing. But you're getting this because you're on my subscriber lists, and I wanted to help give you a boost to get building your income faster.

Are there any "one time upsells" or anything like that? Yes there is ONE, and it's optional. (It's a ​live workshop/mastermind). ​

Nothing else, and NO downsells.

But I will tell you, to ACT FAST. I don't plan on overselling the one time levels AT ALL, so while I'm keeping this offer open for a few days for you, be aware that IT WILL END if all (FEW) spots sell out.

​So will YOU be one of 500 people who build (OR EXPAND) on their income to $1k-$5k or more per month over the next 3-4 months?

Say YES now.

​​Remember, obviously I will not guarantee income. YOU have to do the work. YOU have to put in the effort. 

I can only guide you - but I cannot personally do it for you, it's just not possible. (And quite honestly, if you don't do it - you won't learn HOW).

Even if you don't WANT to learn how to do some of it (i.e., any tech stuff which yes, we'll cover too) - at least you'd have the knowledge to SAVE MONEY if you outsource to someone because you'll KNOW what to do, what's involved, and won't be duped by someone misleading you. (That happens a lot).

So - agree to put in the work.

Agree to watch and grow.

And by 2019, you can have a steady, SOLID income stream coming in.

AND.... most importantly - you'll know WHAT to do ... AND WHAT NOT to do - what to watch for, what to skip to save your money, and only spend on something that truly helps you build.

No more "shiny object syndrome", k? This will help.​

​All the levels will cover everything from...

  • ​Setting up any site, including deciding if you need special plugins or not, which ones and which ones are really useless (oh there are many)
  • ​ECommerce to Print on Demand strategies to Drop Shipping to Blogging to Memberships to Residual income to... (it's almost endless)
  • ​Membership sites REAL strategies (SOOOO many ways - that are NOT over complicated!)
  • ​Determining pricing and value
  • ​Online AND offline marketing, coaching, client getting etc.
  • ​Building out an app business if you wish (nope, not selling you my app builders, don't worry - just covering all the aspects and options - and yes, in some cases, other builders ARE better). This helps you not get duped.
  • ​ALL the do's, don'ts, and warnings AND POSITIVES of almost any industry you may want to tackle
  • A complete community to ask for help, and give help!
  • ​A-Z in every way
  • ​Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest marketing and more
  • Step by step. Everything. You. Need. To. Build. Or. Enhance your business.
  • ONGOING growth. Reach the level - but do you stay, slow, or grow? You'll be surprised at this and you need to be prepared. (I don't know of anyone who really talks about it like this).
  • And SO much more. We haven't even scratched the surface.

Business success

​option 1: The First 7 levels

​Great for someone wanting to get started on a budget




  • ​First 7 Levels
  • ​Full Community Access
  • ​Additional Earnings Bonuses
  • ​One time, no further costs until ready to level up to Level 8
  • ​Earn 75% for all Level Up Referrals
EBE - Level 1 - 7 Levels

​And yes, once we get ready to launch, YOU will get your own referral link to invite others as of Friday August 10th with the upgraded commissions included!

​Join now while there are still spots available. Because when it fills up - the one time spots WILL stop being available for sale!

​But as a warning, regardless of whether there are spots left or not, this one time pricing closes PERMANENTLY on Sunday August 5th, 2018 early evening. Don't risk losing out. Join NOW.

​By the way - if you think this is going to take away from our other project (MyCustomJournal) - don't worry about that - I have my time allocated and laid out to include this system, and actually over the upcoming weeks my time will be freeing up drastically as I've been ​removing a lot off my plate. And, I'll be adding on ​assistants to help as we grow, to keep me available. And with outside guests - it's not all on me, but you get even more experts assisting!

Plus... (you'll be really pleased to know) - I already have 90% of the trainings done! As I said, this has been an ONGOING project for a very long time, so you can be sure that it'll always be up to date and current.

Now it's time to get back to work for me, and I hope my "off the cuff unscripted" video wasn't too horrible 😉 See you in the group!